At next level fitness we take pride in offering a completely individualised and tailored coaching experience to help you exceed your aesthetic, strength, fitness and performance goals.

Next level fitness free weights
  • Body recomposition
  • Weight loss 
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Sport’s performance 
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury rehabilitation 
  • Pre and postnatal fitness
  • Core and pelvic floor rehabilitation 


We issue all our programmes on your own personal training portal via the easy to use trainerize app. You get your own workout calendar with an extensive exercise library, full demo videos, around the clock support from your coach as well as track a wide range of metrics from:

  • Weight
  • Body measurements
  • Body fat
  • Progress pictures
  • Blood pressure
  • Personal bests and much much more.

You can also link other apps 


  • My fitness pal (for calorie tracking)
  • Fitbit and Apple Watch (steps and calorie burn) 

To keep you as accountable as possible to your coach which will allow them to offer the best service possible for you to smash your goals.


Do you struggle to stay on track by ensuring you are eating the right things and the right amount? Don’t worry our coaches have got you covered with full nutritional guidance:

  • Full calorie and macro calculation
  • Quality food lists

This service is great for people who:

  • Are in need of a proper training structure
  • Are unable to make it to the gym and need extra support and guidance
  • Are wanting a neat and tidy way of tracking and storing workout
  • Are wanting to take their training to the “Next level”

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