Hi! So here’s a bit about my background!

I boxed competitively as youth at the age of 11-13 firstly as a vent for my anger then fell out of interest with it due to all the normal distractions life throws at you as a youngster. When I reached 21-22 and decided to turn my life around and move away from all the troubles I found myself getting in. 

After watching the London 2012 Olympics it spurred me on to get back in the ring and push myself to the limits. I went on to box in the western county championships and challenge rivals for the western county belt, my highlight was being picked by the England police community squad to go to Guernsey to represent. 

I then went on to complete my England Boxing coach certification so I could then pass on my knowledge to others. After my boxing run coming to an end a friend introduced me to a bodybuilding style of training which I loved after reaping the aesthetic benefit.

After dabbling in pretty much everything from Strength, CrossFit, endurance, callisthenics, bodybuilding and boxing I have a lot of love in the fitness industry to give!!

The main reason for me to become a trainer was to help people exercise the way it helped me, vent my aggression and implement lifestyle change through exercise and to educate people about nutrition and the importance of you really are what you eat!!!

  • Level 2 fitness instructor
  • Level 3 NASM certified personal trainer
  • NASM OPT (optimal performance training)
  • Level 1 England boxing coach
  • TRX suspension training certified
  • Nutritional advice and guidance
  • Overall fitness and conditioning
  • Bodybuilding (Muscle building)
  • Weight management
  • Boxing (7 years ABA competition experience)


Hi, I'm Jade!

My fitness journey began a little differently to your average PT; After spending my childhood overweight and being bullied in school, I lacked confidence and self-esteem and wouldn’t participate in exercise at all due to being embarrassed. 

After being introduced to the gym and experimenting with different types of training, exercise became an output for my negative emotions and I managed to transform my body, build my confidence back up and improve my mental health massively. 

After becoming pregnant myself and realising how confusing it can be for expecting mums wishing to exercise with the overwhelming amount of contradictory information on the internet, I decided to study for my pre/post-natal certification, so I can help women maintain a level of fitness throughout their pregnancy as this is important and also to help ease women back into exercise safely and confidently once their new arrival is here.

  • Level 2 fitness instructor
  • Level 3 NASM certified personal trainer
  • GGS Pre & Post-Natal
  • Strength training
  • Weight management
  • Muscle building & definition
  • Pre & post-natal fitness


Hi, I'm Alula! 

I am a social butterfly and will be your biggest cheerleader. My favourite things are raisins, colouring in, balls and books. I love the gym and have been in here since I was born! You can find me chasing Rudy, making a mess or running off with any of your unattended belongings.


Hi, I'm Rudy!

I am the gym bouncer and like to make sure everybody is aware someone is coming in, but please don't be alarmed as my bark is just my way of saying hi and I'm very friendly. I am always there if you need some moral support after a tough workout or always willing to provide cuddles if you are having a bad day. You can find me chewing up blue roll, asleep on the sofa or at the door on the lookout for birds.